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Thar she blows.

Blah blah blah.

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Hi hi hi.

I am meee.

My name is Leyna. Lay-nuh.
I am legal. And... female. I guess.
I am not a pedophile, so don't be all buddy-buddy with me and then freak out when I ask you where you live or what you do for fun, for the love of God.
If YOU are a crazy online rapist or something, then don't come looking for me. You will only be disappointed.

I am a girl of many fandoms. Anime, video games, tv shows. If it's gay, then I probably like it. If it might be gay, then I'll like it even more.


But aanyway.. this is my journal! :D

I pretty much write about me, things that happen to me, and the people around me. :D

(Just for future reference: I didn't make whatever icon I'm currently using, and I do not claim to have done so. Nor will I ever. Unless I DID make the icon I'm using.. and in which case you should totally give me a pat on the back for finally trying to master PS enough to crop a pic to 100x100 pxls. Anyway. If you happen to see me sporting one of your icons, then just tell me, and I will gladly give you your credit. I just tend to get lazy forget where I found the icon in the first place.)

And on that note, I lurked around enough to find a layout and for credit's sake, it was made by apologize. Not me, never me, hoo boy.