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Thar she blows.
Blah blah blah.
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Nov 10 2011 - Oh my people.
Fight the powah, House!
"Charles/Erik powers!AU, where their college has a support group for mutants, and they're both reluctant to be there. Then they fuck."

I love how eloquent people in kink-memes are. Lol.
Dec 22 2009 - Oh, RDJ. You card.
Haaay you guysss
So there's a little movie called Sherlock Holmes coming out on Christmas Day, which I have been excited about for quite some time.

And there's a little bit of a hubbub going on right now (apparently?) because last night on Letterman, Robert Downey Jr. (who is in/starring in the film) implied and/or straight-up said that Holmes and Watson are gay for each other.

And so the execs are all "We're mad he said that!"

To which all I have to say is: "Did no one actually read the books? 'Cause there's quite a lot of bromance in that series.. if you know what I'm sayin'."

Lol. It's all in good fun, but uh.. seriously. RDJ isn't just saying that to say it. It's BASED IN FACT, I TELL YOU.

Dec 10 2009 - Fuck Famitsu!
Haaay you guysss
So there's this magazine in Japan called Famitsu (if you've ever seen "Never-before-seen! Brand new!" scans of video game pics, then Famitsu is probably where they came from), and this magazine is kinda a big deal. I guess.

The point is, this magazine, like many other magazines out there in the wide world, does reviews on games. And since Famitsu is Kinda A Big Deal, so are their reviews.

Apparently, out of ALL the Final Fantasies, this ILLUSTRIOUS FAMITSU favored 12 (FINAL FANTASY 12) as THE BEST OF THEM ALL.

Now. I by no means hate the game. But when stacked against the likes of, well, ANY OTHER FF, it's kinda lacking. It's lacking in the character development (Vaan, supposedly the main character/sorta/we guess, gets ten minutes of plot development aka "He's an orphan, aww! Moving on." as does pretty much everyone else in the party, except for HER HIGHNESS), it's lacking in plot ('cause, wow, who didn't know that Vayne was going to be the final boss/villain of the game?) and what little plot/character development it DOES have, annoyed the CRAP OUT OF ME (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, ASHE).

Admittedly, the gambit battle system was neat and intuitive, and running into enemies on the map instead of having random battles gave the game a neat sort of flow.. But they basically took FF11 and made it an offline MMORPG and took the sphere grid and made it about weapons instead of skills/stats. And, honestly, if you use the gambit system too much, then you are essentially rendered useless and the game will just play itself without you.

Ta da.

There is just SO MUCH I hate about this game, despite all that I love about it (Basch, and that's about it--BUT EVEN HIS OUTFIT IS BIZARRE AND I HATE IT!! DAMN YOU NOMURA!), that I can't support the fact that, not only did Famitsu give it a perfect 40/40, but GameInformer went and put it in like.. the top 100 of the "Best Games of All Time".


(Note: Although, at least 4, 6, 7 and 10 were all ranked waaay above it, the fact of the matter remains.)

Whatever. ANYWAY.

January 4th is my 21st birthday. I plan on taking off the entire weekend of the 8th to celebrate. Whoo!
Mar 10 2009 - So where have I been?
Haaay you guysss

Apparently, between school and work, I don't have much time for.. much.

Although I must say, Resident Evil 5 is coming out on the 13th (3 daaaays~!!) and I'm retardedly excited for it. Frank and I have played through the demo enough times that we pretty much have it memorized, lol.

Which brings me to my only point in this update: I have this completely random and wildly irrational need to pair Chris Redfield with Leon S. Kennedy.

Because they're both so smokin'? Because they're two of the most "renowned" RE protagonists? Because one of Capcom's directors once referred to them as "star crossed lovers" in a GameInformer issue I once read? (Trufax.)

Whatever the reason, it makes me feel silly but I kinda wish I weren't alone with my random pairing (as usual XD).
Jan 05 2009 - Yay :]
Haaay you guysss
I'm pretty sure this was my awesome-est birthday yet (and it has little to do with my Dissidia game and special 2-disc soundtracks I now have.. I swear.. lol).

So.. yay. Thanks to everyone who gave me a little love today. It really, honestly, made my day.

Dec 20 2008 - Holy shit guys.
Butz again!
For anyone who cares: DISSIDIA IS AMAZING.

It was a bootlegged version in Japanese with 90% of the font being invisible and it was STILL FUCKING AMAZING. The Onion Knight was cool, but then I played as Bartz (affectionately called "Butz", as per usual, lol) and he is aaawesome. Go Butz! ^__^

So there.

Buy it. Play it. IT IS THY WIIIN.

I have this sinking feeling that I'll be buying the Japanese version now and then the English version later.. God. What the hell am I going to do with two copies of the game..? XD
Dec 12 2008 - Dragonballz
Haaay you guysss
So for anyone who cares: There's a live-action Dragonball movie coming out next year.

No this isn't a joke and that rumor you might've heard a while back about it is true. In fact, the trailer is now officially on youtube somewhere, if you're interested.

It doesn't look completely terrible, and besides, if we're real about it, DB and DBZ weren't exactly works of art so I'm sure anything they do in this movie could only be an improvement of some kind (meaning: unless they spend the entire time talking about power levels and powering up and being ambiguously gay, it'll be a nice representation of the show THERE I SAID IT).

Not that I don't love DBZ in all its insanity. And, while I said the trailer looks deceptively decent.. it makes me so sad for some reason.

I think they should make an Americanized live-action movie of Sailor Moon next, because apparently childhood-raping isn't just for the internet anymore.
Aug 10 2008 - Lawl, my mum.
Haaay you guysss
[On 'Jigsaw', from the Saw movies, after having seen the 1st and 2nd on TV:]

"I.. I would just cut his throat. I swear to God."


One of these days I'll update fo' realz, but I just thought that was silly-funny and worth sharing.
Aug 09 2008 - Amen.
Haaay you guysss
Ganked this from the Crtl-Alt-Del comic site that I read. I figured it was worth sharing!

(He just got home from a convention when he wrote this, if it helps, and here's the link to what he's talking about: http://uk.reuters.com/article/technologyNews/idUKBKK22888820080804 )

Came home and found out about this kid in Thailand who ended up killing a cab driver in the process of jacking the cab because he wanted to see if it was as easy as it was in GTA4. My favorite part of the new article is this line:

'Police said the youth, an obsessive player of "Grand Theft Auto", showed no sign of mental problems during questioning and had confessed to committing the crime because of the game.'

What? Really? Am I the only one who thinks it's a sign of mental problems the instant he decided to rob and kill a cab driver, game or no game? I mean there are people who manage to live their entire lives without killing someone else, no matter how many movies they've watched, games they've played, comic books they've read, or death metal they've listened to. So doesn't it stand to reason that perhaps something was just broken in this kid to begin with?

(And, of course, his rebuttal in comic-form: http://www.cad-comic.com/comic.php?d=20080806 )
Jul 24 2008 - ADs wtf?
Haaay you guysss
There's a sugardaddie.com?!

And why was it an ad on MY LJ page?!


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